What can you ask for from Access To Work with ADHD

Access To Work can provide you with up to £66,000 per year and it doesn't cost you anything and you don't have to pay anything back.

This document lists the type of things you can ask for like apps, physical equipment software, subscriptions and more. Discover what Access To Work can provide for people with ADHD with instant access to lists and examples.

There is no one-size-fits-all solution here, but rather a jumping-off point that encourages individual exploration and authenticity. Allow it to ignite what might be possible and enhance your confidence in what resonates with you, and what you find useful.

What is in the spreadsheet?

You'll see the type of things you can ask for like apps, physical equipment, software, subscriptions and more.

How will I know what I need?

Each aid is connected to common ADHD symptoms to further connect the dots between how these aids will actually support your ADHD.

How do I explain what I need?

You'll also see examples of how to justify the support in relation to ADHD, so that you and others may understand exactly how and why these aids are going to help you manage better.

Who are we?

As a certified and experienced ADHD coach, I specialize in supporting individuals who are employed or self-employed, understanding the specific challenges that arise in these contexts.

Throughout my career, I have had the privilege of helping countless clients uncover the strategies and tools that best support their ADHD challenges. Acknowledging that each individual is wonderfully unique and requires tailored approaches, I have crafted a document that organically emerged from my work with clients and their diverse needs. This document serves as a treasure trove of possibilities, helping you navigate away from the daunting "blank page" and providing a starting point to identify useful resources and express your needs to others. This document eliminates the dreaded 'blank page' and shows you what Access To Work can provide for someone with ADHD.

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